Not for my voice to be heard in Washington...

I am asking you to fight for YOURS.

Meet Jim Francis


Jim grew up in a middle class family and was one of three kids. He was educated in the public school system, his mother was a homemaker and interior designer and his father was a teacher who served on the local school board for over 20 years. Some of Jim's fondest childhood memories were those that involved him helping his father promote public education. These memories have inspired Jim throughout his life to continue this tradition of public service.

 Jim and his father

Jim and his father

Jim attended the University of Akron and studied Computer Engineering. He has over 20 years of experience in programming, data analytics, and development. Jim resigned from his position as the IT Director of a commercial laboratory to dedicate himself entirely to the campaign. He is not a politician but believes it is time to put real people back in Congress.

The mass shooting at Parkland High School in Parkland, Florida was the deciding factor for Jim entering the race. Inspired by the students at Parkland and his father’s love of education, Jim is dedicated to fighting for the protection of our children from the dangers that come from easy access to military style weapons.

Jim is proud to be among a wave of citizens stepping up and standing up to a Congress that is run by powerful corporate lobbyists.

Jim lives in Covington with his wife, Nicole, and their son, Cooper.


I WILL be outspent by Scalise without your help. If you want a representative in Congress who will listen to you and fight for you, I need your support.