I support robust and responsible energy development for Louisiana. Natural gas extraction is creating and supporting a lot of good, middle-class jobs in our region, and I want more of those jobs for our people. Louisiana is in an ideal situation to take advantage of both solar and wind renewable energies. The growth in high-pay renewable energy jobs could top 50,000 a year, far outnumbering the growth of fossil-fuel related jobs.

We must invest in training so people in our district have the skills they need to do these jobs. People who live here and send their kids to school here will do the work safely and responsibly, so that our families and future generations are breathing clean air and drinking clean water.Government should not be an impediment to energy development and job creation, but we rely on government to enforce the law and hold companies accountable if they endanger workers or pollute our air or water.
For purely political reasons, this administration wants to undermine our government's ability to perform basic inspection and law enforcement activities.

That's a mistake, and I'll work to ensure that our government has the necessary resources to do its job, keep workers safe, and protect our air and water.