Jim Francis Announces Campaign for U.S. Congress Against House Majority Whip Steve Scalise


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COVINGTON, LA – Pledging “not to be outworked in restoring honest, genuine, and decent representation to Washington,” Jim Francis, Covington resident, husband, father, and IT specialist, announced his candidacy for United States Congress in the 1st District of Louisiana today.

“As someone who believes strongly in the Constitution and the ideals upon which this country was founded, I believe it is time to get back to the original idea of citizen representation in Congress,” Francis said. “What we have now with Steve Scalise, and many others from both parties, is a professional representation for hire. This means people like Majority Whip Scalise and Speaker Paul Ryan owe their allegiance to big DC lobbyists instead of the people of their districts.”

“There are so many problems with government today,” Francis said. “One of the biggest is that only the destructive and unreasonable voices of big corporate DC lobbyists are heard by officials like Scalise and Ryan. As a result Mr. Scalise completely ignores the reasonable voices of the people of our district. And that hurts us all.

“Meanwhile, they endlessly fawn over and praise the President, even as he launches trade wars with Europe and Asia and carves out special protections for his billionaire friends.

“With his reckless trade war, President Trump is about to take a hammer to key sectors of our economy in Louisiana, like agriculture and soy bean farms, and Scalise and Ryan are applauding him. They don’t have the courage to stand up to him and the big lobbyists to protect ordinary Americans. It’s time for your Congressman’s first question to be, ‘how will this affect the people of my district?’ instead of ‘will this make my big donors unhappy?’

“We are going to put people first for a change. Let’s see what happens when corporate lobbyists don’t get to dictate policy. Citizen representation in Congress means protecting jobs from trade wars. It means protecting Social Security and Medicare, which Scalise and Ryan and their lobbyist friends want to destroy. They are doing nothing for regular folks like us.”

Referring to Rep. Scalise’s slogan of asking people to stand with him, Francis said this perfectly underscored just how out-of-touch Scalise really is.

“When Steve Scalise asks you to stand with him, what he is really asking you to do is stand with his big lobbyist donors,” Francis said. “I am not asking anyone to stand with me. What I am pledging is that I am going to stand for the people of the first district. First, last and everything in between.”


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