Francis to “Silent Steve" Scalise: Does your Bible endorse ripping babies from mothers?

Congressional candidate calls current border policy and its religious defense “blasphemous”

COVINGTON, LA - Calling Attorney General Jeff Sessions' use of Bible verse to support his policy of traumatically separating children from their parents at the US-Mexico border “blasphemous," Jim Francis, candidate in the 1st congressional district of Louisiana, called on his opponent Steve Scalise to condemn both the inhumane policies of the Trump administration as well as AG Sessions' use of scripture in defending them.                                                         

“I don’t know Steve personally,” Francis said. “But I understand him to be a man of faith. The question however is, as a man of faith, can he endorse the current policies of ripping children from their parents at the border, which has already led to one man committing suicide? Does he believe this policy aligns with Christian teachings and values?

“There is simply no way to stay silent or mumble over the fact that what we are doing to children right now on behalf of this nation is cruel and abhorrent. And if 'Silent Steve' won’t take a stand against it, then that is just more reason to elect someone with a voice to Congress.

“As a father, I can only imagine the horror and pain both the parents and children are going through. I was raised in a country that believed in kindness and my religion teaches me that what we do to the least of God’s children, we do to Him. But right now, our country is putting the least of God’s children through a living hell. And to try and use scripture to justify it is nothing short of blasphemy.

“That is not who we are as Americans. And that is not who we are as believers. This is the time to be counted and Steve Scalise owes it to the people of his district and America in general to tell us where he stands.”


Andrea Dube