Jim Francis Calls On NRA To Push For Flood Insurance Protection

Francis Calls On NRA To Push For Flood Insurance Protection

Says backing will guarantee passage from “captive conservatives” like Scalise

Today, Jim Francis, Democratic candidate for congress in the first district of Louisiana, called upon the National Rifle Association to “utilize its all-powerful influence” over Republican Majority Whip Steve Scalise to ensure reliable flood protection for Louisiana residents, many of whom are gun owners, hunters and life-long NRA members.

“Seeing Steve Scalise pathetically scramble to put together enough votes to get even short-term flood protection tell us all we really need to know about who really wears the whip in the ‘family,’” Francis said. “Steve can’t move one vote unless his handlers at the NRA or CPAC put their whip to their captive conservatives in Congress.

“So let’s take our case to the people who can get it done. And in this case it’s the NRA.”

Francis pointed to the fact that the NRA enjoys a core of support among Louisianans who own guns for sport.

“The real question is, is the NRA going to sit by while the Sportsman’s Paradise and those who live here suffer irrevocable land loss?” Francis said. “We are talking about an essential ingredient to anyone standing their ground--that being ground to stand on."

“These are lifelong dues paying members of the NRA who are now facing a loss of their homes, hunting grounds and rights as citizens to have their land protected by the government.” Francis said. “If the NRA does not see the need to stand for those who stand their ground for them, then we will know exactly where the NRA stands when it comes to standing up for Americans.”

Jim Francis