I will fight against Republican efforts to privatize and defund our Social Security and Medicare systems.

Social Security

Almost a million people depend on Social Security in Louisiana — that's 1 out of every 5 people. The benefits are modest, but critical: Social Security lifts 200,000 Louisianans out of poverty every year.

Republicans want to pull Social Security apart brick by brick in order to pay for their irresponsible tax cuts and ballooning deficit. I will oppose all efforts to do so. 

Social Security did not cause the deficit (and actually, it doesn't add a cent to our debt). It is fully funded for another 20 years, has a $2.9 trillion surplus, and the simple adjustment of having everyone pay the same rate extends it for decades more. Dismantling it makes no sense. Dismantling it to pay for handouts to billionaires makes even less sense. 


Medicare provides health care coverage to 800,000 Louisianans. I will oppose all proposals that cut or weaken Medicare, including efforts to privatize, voucherize, or raise the eligibility age.