Why I'm Running


Jim Francis lives in Covington and is a father and devoted husband. He has over 20 years of experience in programming, data analytics, and development, and is currently the IT Director of a commercial laboratory.

Jim was raised in Northeast Ohio and was educated in the public school system. He attended to the University of Akron and studied Computer Engineering. Jim’s father was a Professor of English at Akron University and also served on the local school board for over 20 years. Jim has fond memories of helping his father canvas the school district and collect signatures in support of public education initiatives. In college, Jim was an avid consumer of C-SPAN and wanted to know more about how the federal government functions. He has since studied the inner workings of each branch of the government closely, and became alarmed about the state of the country’s democracy when the Supreme Court ruled on the outcome of the 2000 presidential election.

Jim has studied Steve Scalise’s voting record intensely. Having broken down Scalise’s voting record over the last ten years, Jim feels it is beyond alarming and in no way represents South Louisiana’s values. What is more, Jim noticed a shift in Scalise’s priorities after the Republicans victories in 2016. No longer was Scalise supporting a fiscally responsible government. Instead, Scalise has supported the increase of over a trillion dollars to the national debt in service of the Oil and Gas lobby.

The deciding factor for Jim to start launch his campaign was the mass shooting at Parkland High School in Parkland, Florida. Scalise’s record is in lock-step with the NRA’s agenda, from allowing people deemed mentally incompetent to purchase firearms, to shielding firearms from established laws, to blocking bankruptcy courts from including a person’s guns from being considered personal property that could be used to pay off a bankruptcy claim. The NRA owns Scalise, and he is deeply entwined with the NRA lobby.